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Annie's Quilting for the Home - - Contents - De­sign by Wendy Shep­pard

This minia­ture quilt is small in size, but big and beau­ti­ful in im­pact. Se­lect nine fat quar­ters to make it hap­pen, and give it to some­one need­ing a touch of cheer.

Pro­ject Note

Be­fore sand­wich­ing the top for quilt­ing, a mono­gram may be ma­chine-embroidered in the cen­ter of the wreath, if de­sired. In the sam­ple quilt, a de­tailed orig­i­nal-de­sign quilt mo­tif is quilted in the cen­ter in­stead of a mono­gram.


Skill Level: In­ter­me­di­ate Quilt Size: 16" x 16"


• 1 fat quar­ter cream solid

• 1 fat quar­ter green polka dot

• 1 fat quar­ter flo­ral/green stripe

• 1 fat quar­ter each cream, green and salmon flo­rals

• 1 fat quar­ter each flo­ral/salmon stripe

• 1 fat quar­ter light green print

• 1 fat quar­ter salmon tonal

• Bat­ting 21" x 21"

• Back­ing 21" x 21"

• Neu­tral-color all-pur­pose thread

• Tan silk thread

• 1/2 yard fusible web

• 3⁄8" bias bar

• 10" x 10" square of pa­per

• Wa­ter-erasable marker or pen­cil

• Black marker

• 22" of 1/4"-wide fusible web

• Ba­sic sewing tools and sup­plies


1. Cut enough 13⁄8"-wide bias strips from flo­ral/salmon stripe and join to make 22" length for stem.

2. Cut one 101/2" x 101/2" A square cream solid.

3. Cut one 11/2" x 21" strip green polka dot; sub­cut the strip into two 101/2" B strips.

4. Cut two 11/2" x 121/2" C strips green polka dot.

5. Cut four 21/4" x 21" strips green polka dot for bind­ing.

6. Cut two 21/2" x 161/2" E strips along the length of the flo­ral/green stripe.

7. Cut two 21/2" x 121/2" D strips across the re­main­ing width of the flo­ral/ green stripe.

8. Trace ap­pliqué shapes onto the pa­per side of the fusible web re­fer­ring to the full-size mo­tif for num­ber to cut, leav­ing 1/2" be­tween pieces.

9. Cut out shapes, leav­ing a mar­gin around each shape; fuse shapes to the wrong side of fab­rics as di­rected on each piece for color. Cut out shapes on traced lines; re­move pa­per back­ing.

Com­plet­ing the Ap­pliqué

1. To make the stem, fold the 13⁄8"-wide length of bias along the length with wrong sides to­gether; stitch a 1/4" seam al­lowance along raw edge to make a tube as shown in Fig­ure 1.

2. Insert the 3⁄8" bias bar in­side the stitched tube with seam cen­tered on one side as shown in Fig­ure 2; press seam open. Re­move bias bar.

3. Iron the 1/4"-wide fusible web onto the wrong side of the stem strip; re­move pa­per back­ing.

4. Fold the A square ver­ti­cally and hor­i­zon­tally, and crease to mark cen­ters. Re­peat with the 10" square of pa­per.

5. Pre­pare a pat­tern for the full-size ap­pliqué. Us­ing a black marker, trace the pat­tern onto the 10" square of pa­per; match­ing the cen­ters as shown in Fig­ure 3. 6. Cen­ter the draw­ing un­der the A square, match­ing cen­ter mark with creases on A as shown in Fig­ure 4; trace the de­sign onto A us­ing a wa­ter-erasable marker or pen­cil. 7. Cen­ter the pre­pared bias stem on the traced cir­cle with the ends po­si­tioned to meet un­der one of the flower shapes; fuse in place. Note: To re­duce bulk, you may cut the bias in pieces to fit just un­der the flower pieces on each side be­fore fus­ing as shown in Fig­ure 5.

8. Us­ing the tan silk thread and a very close and nar­row blan­ket stitch, stitch the edges of the stem piece/ pieces in place along each side.

9. Cen­ter, layer and fuse large and medium flow­ers and flower cen­ters us­ing the marked out­line as guides for po­si­tion­ing.

10. Ar­range and fuse leaf pieces us­ing the marked out­line as a guide for po­si­tion­ing.

11. Sew around each fused shape as in step 8 to com­plete the ap­pliquéd cen­ter.

Com­plet­ing the Top

1. Sew a B strip to the top and bot­tom, and C strips to op­po­site sides of the ap­pliquéd cen­ter; press seams to­ward B and C strips.

2. Sew D strips to the top and bot­tom, and E strips to op­po­site sides of the ap­pliquéd cen­ter to com­plete the quilt top; press seams to­ward D and E strips.

Fin­ish­ing the Quilt

1. Trans­fer the quilt­ing de­sign given to the cen­ter of the ap­pliquéd A square.

2. Pre­pare the fin­ished top for quilt­ing, quilt and bind re­fer­ring to Quilt­ing Ba­sics on page 124.

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