Annie's Quilting for the Home - - News -

1. Press quilt top on both sides and trim all loose threads.

2. Make a quilt sand­wich by lay­er­ing the back­ing right side down, bat­ting and quilt top cen­tered right side up on flat sur­face and smooth out. Pin or baste lay­ers to­gether to hold.

3. Mark quilt­ing de­sign on quilt top and quilt as de­sired by hand or ma­chine. Note: If you are send­ing your quilt to a pro­fes­sional quil­ter, con­tact them for specifics about pre­par­ing your quilt for quilt­ing.

4. When quilt­ing is com­plete, re­move pins or bast­ing. Trim bat­ting and back­ing edges even with raw edges of quilt top.

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