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God—the only true source of hope for our nation. Our schools re­sem­ble bat­tle­grounds, and our fam­i­lies re­main shat­tered while churches stay silent. It ap­pears that pas­tors would rather cave in than fight, tickle the ear rather than chal­lenge the heart. Our pride will be our down­fall. Are we striv­ing to be pleasers of men or men of God?

What kind of nation do we live in where a newly elected con­gress­woman can Tweet “Im­peach the moth­erf ***** ” about our pres­i­dent? To say that I, and count­less Amer­i­cans, were em­bar­rassed is an un­der­state­ment. Free­dom of speech comes with moral responsibi­lity. Many of our lead­ers need to look in the mir­ror and re­pent or re­sign. Al­though many dis­agreed with Mr. Obama’s poli­cies, most held his po­si­tion in high re­gard. This type of be­hav­ior from a con­gress­man (or woman) would never have been al­lowed a few years ago.

We were ex­cited that our nation fi­nally elected a black man to the high­est of­fice. But please stop mak­ing this about race—race has noth­ing to do with it; prin­ci­ple does. For ex­am­ple, many Amer­i­cans were en­cour­aged when Vir­ginia re­cently elected a fu­ture leader to the House of Del­e­gates—a young black man named Caleb Hanna. He rec­og­nizes that “right­eous­ness ex­alts a nation, but sin is a re­proach to any peo­ple” (Prov. 14:34). America must fear God again.

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