Truf­fla Pink Gom­phrena looks to be among hottest 2019 plants

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Truf­fula Pink has ev­ery­one talk­ing this year and is ex­pected to be among the hottest plants at gar­den cen­ters. It will be so hot you bet­ter buy it when you see it. Truf­fula is a new Gom­phrena pul­chella com­ing from Proven Win­ners. Like its taller sib­ling Fire­works, each iri­des­cent hot pink bloom looks as though it is ex­plod­ing with lit­tle yel­low rays.

There is a good chance you don’t know this species yet, all of which are treated as an­nu­als. Gom­phrena glo­bosa has va­ri­eties like Ping Pong and All Around Pur­ple as well as the dwarf Gnome se­ries, then there is Gom­phrena haageana, with va­ri­eties like the fa­mous Straw­berry Fields and Qis Carmine but the Gom­phrena pul­chella from Bo­livia is dif­fer­ent in the gar­den.

Fire­works, which I will al­ways love, is like a thor­ough­bred race­horse reach­ing 4 feet tall with ease, laugh­ing all the way at drought, end­less rain and ev­ery other cli­mate vari­a­tion along the Mis­sis­sippi that sum­mer can throw at you. Truf­fula Pink will be just like that, but at only half

the height. You’ll have the same vi­brant color, the same plethora of pol­li­na­tors and a ton of flow­ers that seem to be float­ing on air.

Fire­works is not only tall but has the abil­ity to go wide too, in fact up to 4 feet. This large plant pro­duces scores of flow­ers that seem never ceas­ing; no other gom­phrena can pro­duce as many. I kept ex­pect­ing to need to dead­head or re­move spent flow­ers, but it never hap­pened.

Truf­fula Pink will be like that ex­cept it will again reach only half that in width at 26-28 inches, Gar­den­ers will not only de­light in its beauty and size but will rel­ish the fact that it too is well-suited to cut­ting and using in a vase. It can also be used as a dried flower.

Truf­fula Pink needs full sun and fer­tile welldraine­d soil to re­ally per­form to its ca­pa­bil­ity. Let­ting these great plants sit in wet soggy soil will be a crime. You will want to space your plants 20 to 36 inches apart and ap­ply a good layer of mulch after plant­ing. It is a great plant for mass plant­ing.

Try part­ner­ing with blue blooms of Salvia fari­nacea like Vic­to­ria Blue, Cathe­dral Deep Blue or the taller Mys­tic Spires Blue. It will also be in­cred­i­ble with Amis­tad salvia or Black & Bloom for a hum­ming­bird, but­ter­fly and bee habi­tat.

You will find that Skip­per and Sul­phur but­ter­flies find the blos­soms a real treat with fre­quent vis­its by swal­low­tail but­ter­flies too. The Truf­fula Pink like Fire­works gom­phrena will make you look like you have gar­nered the prover­bial green thumb.

There seems to be also an added siz­zle if you can com­bine with lime green or char­treuse plants like Wasabi coleus, Lemon Lime Nan­d­ina or Gold Mound du­ranta. This part­ner­ship does some­thing that just causes you to grab a cam­era. You’ll also find it easy to in­cor­po­rate it into the trop­i­cal style gar­den com­bin­ing with ba­nanas and ele­phant ears.

When you shop this spring at the Gar­den Cen­ter and you see Truf­fula Pink buy it then, buy sev­eral. When you go back, they will prob­a­bly be gone. It’s go­ing to be a great gar­den­ing year.

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