New year, more an­tiSemitism

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There’s been a three­month hia­tus in the grow­ing phe­nom­e­non of an­tiSemitism on Cal­i­for­nia’s col­lege and univer­sity cam­puses, but stu­dents and for­mer stu­dents were nev­er­the­less in­volved in some of the most bla­tant and vi­o­lent of the spring and sum­mer’s hate crimes against Jews.

Ex­am­ple A was John T. Earnest, the shooter who ap­par­ently killed one and in­jured three oth­ers in the Chabad of Poway ram­page late last April. While on cam­pus, Earnest, a some­time stu­dent at Cal State San Mar­cos, picked up some ideas he later used in a ram­bling man­i­festo at­tempt­ing to jus­tify his of­fenses. Like anti-Semites on other cam­puses, those at San Mar­cos in north San Diego County like to say they don’t hate Jews, but are merely anti-Zion­ist, mean­ing they want Jews to be just about the only peo­ple on earth not en­ti­tled to their own coun­try.

That’s the same tune spouted by the par­tially ter­ror­ist-funded move­ment called Boy­cott, Di­vest and Sanc­tion, which seeks an end to the state of Is­rael, its ad­her­ents of­ten spout­ing a pop­u­lar Pales­tinian na­tion­al­ist slo­gan, “From the river to the sea.” That one refers to Pales­tini­ans not want­ing to con­trol just the lands now known as the West Bank and Gaza, but all of Is­rael, from the Jor­dan River to the Mediter­ranean Sea.

The BDS move­ment has been strong on some of Cal­i­for­nia’s most prom­i­nent cam­puses, in­clud­ing UCLA, Stan­ford Univer­sity, UC Davis, UC Berke­ley and San Fran­cisco State. It spurred faux road­blocks where the cam­pus group Stu­dents for Jus­tice in Pales­tine (par­tially funded by the Ha­mas ter­ror or­ga­ni­za­tion that con­trols the unoc­cu­pied city of Gaza) stopped Jewish stu­dents walk­ing on the Berke­ley cam­pus with card­board fake sub­ma­chine guns.

It caused sym­pa­thiz­ers at UCLA to try to deny a stu­dent govern­ment seat to a prop­erly elected Jewish woman, claim­ing no Jew can be fair – an anti-Semitic state­ment on its face. It in­spired smear­ing Nazi-style swastikas on build­ings and walls at Davis and moved a Stan­ford dor­mi­tory res­i­dent as­sis­tant to threat vi­o­lence against Is­raelis and other Jewish stu­dents. And it of­ten leads a San Fran­cisco State pro­fes­sor to post BDS ma­te­rial on her school’s of­fi­cial web­site.

BDS caused an at­tempt by Pitzer Col­lege fac­ulty to can­cel the school’s ex­change pro­gram with the Univer­sity of Haifa, the most di­verse col­lege in Is­rael, with an en­roll­ment al­most half Arab, pretty much match­ing the pop­u­lace of that pic­turesque, usu­ally peace­ful sea­side city. When the cam­pus pres­i­dent ve­toed this, the fac­ulty voted to cen­sure him.

It all makes some Cal­i­for­nia cam­puses among the most hos­tile to Jewish stu­dents, who for the most part are still not in­tim­i­dated from at­tend­ing.

Prospects are that this year will see new in­ci­dents and fur­ther

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