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My, oh my, I seem to have touched a very raw nerve on a very un­happy Guy Marsh, ac­cord­ing to his opin­ion let­ter of 9/12/19.

He asked ques­tions, I will try to an­swer. I do not men­tion the chap­ters, verses or books of the Bi­ble that you mis­in­ter­pret. Why? Be­cause you get the in­ter­pre­ta­tions Wong on ev­ery verse.

I do not know why Chris­tians you en­counter try to shove the Bi­ble down your throat, per­haps it’s out of, gasp, love and the de­sire, like God, that none should per­ish. Have you tried ask­ing them?

Ev­ery let­ter that you talk about the coun­try, flag, ea­gle, mil­i­tary, you pro­fane each one. Please show us even one of your 450+ let­ters, where yo up­raise, life up or even say that you love our coun­try, etc.

To prove even more, our an­swer about the mil­i­tary be­ing a ser­vant of Cap­i­tal­ism, shows your dis­dain about both. Note that ev­ery coun­try you hold in higher es­teem than the one you live in, has mil­i­tary.

I, too, re­tired early from a union job. Be­cause unions are a very real part of the Cap­i­tal­is­tic sys­tem we both en­joy the fruits of our labors, higher than av­er­age pen­sion, full med­i­cal ben­e­fits, more time for family. No other “ism” can pro­vide that, in fact, we would both still bye work­ing in any other “ism” sys­tem and you know it’s true.

In my pre­vi­ous let­ters, you quit Marx, state that you are a Marx­ist. Now you deny it and call your­self an in­ter­na­tion­al­ist.

Like you, I stand fully be­hind ev­ery word I wrote then and now. I have stated be­fore, to you, and oth­ers, that we will each be un­able to change the other per­son’s mind or heart. We will al­ways dis­agree on al­most all things.

Skip Thacker


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