Ma­nip­u­lat­ing our lives

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April, I spec­u­lated that there is a Tax Rolodex kept by the fools in the Sacra­mento leg­is­la­ture that they use to jus­tify and col­lar our necks with more taxes.

There are plans to ag­i­tate for a new tax on recharge­able lithium ion bat­ter­ies used in many per­sonal de­vices and elec­tric cars. The root cause is lithium ion leak­age.

They claim that ex­ces­sive ion losses are up­set­ting the re­sults of the spec­u­la­tive cli­mate change mod­els they so will­ingly quote and use for pol­icy mak­ing. In­dus­try’s use of fos­sil fuels ap­pears to be in­no­cent of blame this time around. The main con­cern seems to be with the ex­cess static elec­tric­ity build up in the at­mos­phere that plays havoc with the weather and other is­sues. Some un­in­tended con­se­quences of ion leak­age are light­en­ing storm strikes are be­ing skewed, na­ture’s Aurora Bo­re­alis dis­play is wounded, hair­dos are un­ruly, our feet scuff­ing on rugs sends shock­ing re­minders that ac­tion must be taken. Their so­lu­tion, as al­ways, will be more gov­ern­ment con­trol and penal­ties for non-com­pli­ant cit­i­zens.

This tongue in cheek satir­i­cal ex­pose can serve as a preview of where the con­trol­ling and anti-modernist mavens will lead us with their ex­ces­sive ma­nip­u­la­tions of our lives.

Larry Kis­sam Palmdale

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