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What are some common mistakes people make when they’re trying to get their house on the market?

I think the biggest mistake that people make when they’re trying to get a house on the market is they put their own personal tastes into their renovation and just still considerin­g the house they’re trying to sell as their own home and it’s not. You’re trying to make the home marketable to everyone else, and so your personal taste, your personal color, your personal flavor is not going to be necessaril­y the thing that’s going to bring the buyer into your house. Having

our clients remove themselves from the process and say, “This is not about what I want. This is more about what can we do to make the house ready for everyone else.” That’s probably the biggest mistake people make.

Your background is in real estate but you obviously have some DIY skills. Where did those come from?

Man, that was a lot of my dad. I grew up, my dad was very much a do-it-yourselfer. You know, we spent countless hours. He would be showing me how to work on cars or fix things around the house

because that’s where he came from. He grew up quite meagerly in another country and so they learned how to do things themselves, and I just kind

of absorbed that general knowledge as time went on.

Before I was in real estate, I had a family-owned business in the oil industry and it was the same thing. We built a lot of the things that we needed to make our business run. We built it by hand. That’s how I kind of learned a lot about DIY stuff and how to fix things out of necessity whenever we were growing up because of the experience that he had. So it was very much a homegrown thing. I didn’t go to any schools or anything like that to learn how to fix


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