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Holland Taylor



The fire scene in the first episode looked like it was fun to shoot. Was it?

(Laughs) That was very fun to shoot. (It was also) very real because we were actually working with fire and it was fun to burn (the memos). And you never know when you’re going to do something like that, the idea is to just be alive to the impulse of the

moment because it will be truthful. And I found as I was dropping each piece in the waste paper basket, I just said “Choo! Choo!” It was just something that spontaneou­sly happened in the moment. At my age as an actress, I have a certain confidence that whatever I do is going to be a true impulse and I’m not going to hurt any scene by responding to it. So I pretty

much do what occurs to me . ... Amanda (Peet, the series’ creator and executive producer) would love it when I would do things like that. She would say, “Oh my God! Keep doing it!” Whatever little gracenotes get added come out of your natural response, your natural behavioral response to the situation. And it’s very different to actually light something on fire from imagining lighting something on fire. You know, whatever comes out is worth having.

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