Do you ever won­der?

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Just won­der­ing, do all these peo­ple who are run­ning for pres­i­dent of our United States get to keep all that money they raise?

Some who know they don’t have a chance in the world, just keep rais­ing money into the mil­lions, then com­plain about the mil­lion­aires?

Like War­ren, she knows she will never be pres­i­dent, yet she keeps rak­ing in the money and com­plain­ing about the mil­lions of dol­lars oth­ers have and Bernie, the same. A

And But­tigieg and how about Bi­den? Looks like his fam­ily knows how to earn money from pres­sur­ing other coun­tries, like Ukraine, uh, his son, all in the fam­ily?

These peo­ple have re­ally learned how to use cap­i­tal­ism. But hate Mr. Trump for speak­ing not quite like them, right.

Have mi­nori­ties ever won­dered why we have birth con­trol? Or why getto’s stay getto? Who has been in charge of Los An­ge­les, or San Fran­cisco, where Demo­crat’s are in con­trol? I won­der? Don’t you?

I know why, but do you folks? Do you ever won­der and look up an­swers? I do. Mary King


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