How much did you learn in 2019?

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An­other year has come and gone. I won­der how much read­ers learned about life­style in 2019? Here are 20 state­ments, true or false.

1. 17 mil­lion North Amer­i­cans take a daily heart­burn drug, such as Nex­ium, Prilosec or Pre­vacid ev­ery day. Tak­ing them for a year or longer in­creases the risk of heart at­tack and bone frac­tures.

2. Dr. Syd­ney Bush, an English op­tometrist, proved that high doses of vi­ta­min C could pre­vent and re­verse hard­en­ing of ar­ter­ies.

3. The first Gif­ford-Jones

Prize for Ser­vice to Hu­man­ity was awarded to a see­ing eye dog.

4. The risk of a fa­tal car ac­ci­dent is five times greater with al­co­hol use and 40 times greater when both al­co­hol and mar­i­juana are con­sumed.

5. The U.S Cen­ter for In­jury Pre­ven­tion and Con­trol re­ports, among 120,000 pa­tients with chronic and siz­able pain, one in 10 de­cided to end their life by sui­cide.

6. In Canada there are 300,000 chil­dren di­ag­nosed with Fe­tal Al­co­hol Syn­drome Dis­ease due to moth­ers who drink al­co­hol dur­ing preg­nancy. There is no treat­ment to re­verse this dis­ease.

7. One hand­ful of al­monds a day can de­crease the risk of car­dio­vas­cu­lar dis­ease by 18%.

8. Weighted blan­kets can be help­ful to those who suf­fer from in­som­nia.

9. Some stud­ies show that up to 23% of pa­tients treated in in­ten­sive care ar­eas de­velop a uri­nary in­fec­tion. This jumps to 30% for those hav­ing car­diac surgery.

10. Rec­tal bleed­ing is a sure sign to see a doc­tor quickly. Never as­sume it’s due to hem­or­rhoids. If you haven’t had a colonoscop­y by age 35, and it is avail­able to you, have it done to rule out a po­ten­tial can­cer­ous polyp.

11. 60% of North Amer­i­cans are obese, a fact not re­ceiv­ing the at­ten­tion de­served. Health au­thor­i­ties say this will be the sec­ond lead­ing cause of can­cer, be­hind to­bacco.

12. Louis Pas­teur’s dis­cov­ery of bac­te­ria and vac­ci­na­tion has saved mil­lions of lives. His tomb is lo­cated at the Pas­teur In­sti­tute in Paris where chil­dren can read of his great ac­com­plish­ments.

13. Low in­ten­sity light ther­apy is a use­ful and ef­fec­tive treat­ment for in­juries, back pain, di­a­betic ul­cers and many skin dis­eases such as eczema.

14. It’s a myth that more men die of car­dio­vas­cu­lar dis­ease than women. Ac­cord­ing to sev­eral au­thor­i­ties, since 1984, more women now die of this dis­ease.

15. A 33-year-old banker’s X-ray showed can­cer le­sions. He re­fused treat­ment and the can­cer dis­ap­peared. A year later the le­sions reap­peared. Lung spe­cial­ists di­ag­nosed hy­per­sen­si­tiv­ity pneu­mo­nia from dust laden fungi and spores in the air ducts of his of­fice.

16. When tak­ing medicine that re­quires a drink, it is safer to take it with or­ange juice, rather than grape­fruit juice. Grape­fruit juice con­tains an en­zyme that can in­crease the amount of the drug over a pe­riod of time which can re­sult in com­pli­ca­tions.

17. To­day 20% of the North Amer­i­can diet is wheat and 80% of that is re­fined. We are also con­sum­ing nine grams daily of polyun­sat­u­rated veg­etable oils and this amount is in­creas­ing. Dr. Chris Knobbe’s book on mac­u­lar de­gen­er­a­tion re­ports that this means fewer North Amer­i­cans will de­velop this dis­ease in the fu­ture.

18. Su­per bugs will kill an in­creas­ing num­ber of pa­tients who de­velop an in­fec­tion. But these germs will have no ef­fect in hip and other op­er­a­tions which are car­ried out in op­er­at­ing rooms where there are strict an­ti­sep­tic con­trols.

19. Ma­jor League Base­ball play­ers have a high sui­cide rate, but doc­tors are not sure why this is the case.

20. Canada’s star ten­nis player, Bianca An­dreescu, wears high heel shoes. They stretch and strengthen her calf mus­cles, mak­ing it less likely for her to suf­fer in­jury in the fu­ture.

I wish you all a happy, healthy, and safe 2020.

The first 16 ques­tions are all true, The last four, all false.

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