Don’t mess with the U.S.

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Qassem Soleimani sowed death and de­struc­tion against Amer­ica and its al­lies through­out the Mid­dle East for decades.

He was be­hind IED at­tacks on our troops in Iraq and maimed our sol­diers, los­ing legs, arms and their life.

He mur­dered and jailed many of his own peo­ple.

While Iran’s mil­i­tary mourns, it’s cit­i­zens cel­e­brate. Gen­eral Soleimani was ac­tively lead­ing an at­tack on the US Em­bassy and planned to kill U.S. Ser­vice mem­bers and diplo­mats in Iraq.

Trump avoided an­other Benghazi and our Am­bas­sador was not drug though the streets as what hap­pened to Am­bas­sador Stevens.

Good rid­dance to an evil ter­ror­ist who was cod­dled by Obama.

Obama, con­tin­u­ally painted red lines, that were crossed by ter­ror­ist over and over.

Then Obama shipped $1.7 bil­lion in cash in a mid­night flight to this ter­ror­ist coun­try. It took Trump to make ter­ror­ists road­kill again and mak­ing our world a safer place for all by tak­ing out this #1 most wanted killer, Quassem Soleimani.

I watch the peo­ple in our coun­try mourn­ing Soleimani death and want­ing our Amer­i­can Flag low­ered for this ter­ror­ist that killed our Amer­i­can troops?

What is wrong with their think­ing? If there’s one les­son learned, you don’t mess with our great coun­try, and our mil­i­tary. Amer­i­can Strong!

Judy Wat­son


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