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Palm­dale of­fi­cials have an­nounced a num­ber of road clo­sures for the up­com­ing week.

The clo­sures, in ef­fect through Sun­day un­less oth­er­wise noted, in­clude:

•Cor­po­rate Court be­tween Av­enue Q and Stay­bridge Suites

Cor­po­rate Court will be closed from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. Wed­nes­day, Jan. 22, for the rib­bon-cut­ting cer­e­mony of the 14 Free­way pro­ject com­ple­tion..

• East Columbia Way (Av­enue M) from Third Street East to 300 feet east of Fifth Street East, in­ter­mit­tent east­bound right lane clo­sure for Los An­ge­les County wa­ter treat­ment plant work.

• Av­enue S at West­land Drive, in­ter­mit­tent lane clo­sure and flag­ging oper­a­tion for util­ity in­stal­la­tion.

• Pear­blos­som High­way from 33rd to 45th streets east, re­con­struc­tion work on north side. One lane of travel for each di­rec­tion will be pro­vided on the north side of the road­way. Ex­pect de­lays.

• 10th Street West at Auto Cen­ter Drive, in­ter­mit­tent lane clo­sures for in­stal­la­tion of a new traf­fic sig­nal at the in­ter­sec­tion. Com­ple­tion and traf­fic sig­nal turn-on sched­uled is for the end of Fe­bru­ary.

• South­bound 10th Street West from av­enue M-14 to N-8, in­ter­mit­tent right lane clo­sure for wa­ter line in­stal­la­tion.

• East­bound Palm­dale Boule­vard/State Route 138 and 40th Street East, in­ter­mit­tent lane clo­sures for sewer line in­stal­la­tion.

• Ran­cho Vista Boule­vard from 15th to 30th street west, in­ter­mit­tent lane clo­sures for street widen­ing, which in­cludes curb and gutter, side­walk, street lights, traf­fic sig­nal mod­i­fi­ca­tions, cen­ter me­di­ans, land­scape, and asphalt paving.

• East­bound Technology Drive from Fifth Street West to the State Route 14 over­pass, and Car­riage Way from Auto Vista Drive to Technology Drive, in­ter­mit­tent lane and shoul­der clo­sures for land­scape con­struc­tion.

•Ran­cho Vista Boule­vard (Av­enue P) at the State Route 14 bridge from 10th Street West to Coun­try Club Lane, in­ter­mit­tent lane clo­sures for pothol­ing, con­duit in­stal­la­tion and re­pairs.

Lan­caster of­fi­cials have an­nounced a num­ber of road clo­sures for the up­com­ing week.

The clo­sures, in ef­fect through Sun­day un­less oth­er­wise noted, in­clude:

• The BLVD Mar­ket is open from 3 to 7 p.m. Thurs­days on Lan­caster Boule­vard from Fern to Ehrlich (Elm) av­enues. This area is closed to traf­fic and park­ing prior to and fol­low­ing the mar­ket hours, to al­low for set­ting up and tear­ing down.

• Con­crete im­prove­ments re­lated to Pub­lic Works Con­struc­tion Pro­ject 17-005, 2020 Safe Routes to School, will be tak­ing place on Av­enue H-8 be­tween and 20th streets west; 15th Street West be­tween av­enues H-10 and I; and Saigon Av­enue be­tween av­enues J-10 and J-12. The ma­jor­ity of work will have min­i­mal im­pact on traf­fic. Con­struc­tion ac­tiv­ity is re­lated to the in­stal­la­tion of new street light­ing on Av­enue J-10 be­tween Heaton and Beech av­enues.

• East­bound and west­bound lane clo­sures on Av­enue K be­tween 20th and 30th streets east due to a Los An­ge­les County Depart­ment of Pub­lic Works wa­ter main in­stal­la­tion. 30th St East will be closed to south­bound traf­fic and left turns will not be al­lowed for all other di­rec­tions of travel. 27th Street East will be closed to cross traf­fic. One lane will re­main open in each di­rec­tion on Av­enue K; ex­pect de­lays. In­ter­sec­tions are ex­pected to be open to traf­fic on or about Jan. 31.

•In­ter­mit­tent lane clo­sures on 60th Street West just north of Av­enue J for mis­cel­la­neous work re­lated to storm drain im­prove­ments.

• Curb lane clo­sure on west­bound Av­enue J at Elm Av­enue re­lated to Pub­lic Work Con­struc­tion Pro­ject 18-007.

•In­ter­mit­tent lane clo­sures at 30th East and Av­enue K and at 25th West and Av­enue J-8 re­lated to Pub­lic Works Con­struc­tion Pro­ject 17-019 traf­fic sig­nal up­grades.

• Lane clo­sures at 20th Street West and Av­enue L for new util­ity im­prove­ments re­lated to the new Chevron gas sta­tion/car wash on the south­east cor­ner.

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