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The pas­sage of propo­si­tion 13 in 1978 al­lowed us to keep our home. Now there is a real at­tempt to re­peal or mod­ify it. Based on the tax as­sess­ment for­mu­las be­fore Prop 13 passed, the prop­erty taxes on my house would al­most triple. If that hap­pens, we will be home­less.

Ac­cord­ing to news re­ports, the state has $20 bil­lion in sur­plus plus a pro­jected sur­plus of $6 bil­lion more this com­ing year. Driv­ing is al­most too ex­pen­sive with the 68 cents per gal­lon gas tax and 9% sales tax, our state in­come tax is the high­est in the na­tion, car regis­tra­tion is the high­est in the coun­try and sales and busi­ness taxes are through the roof and Cal­i­for­nia pub­lic schools, once the best in the na­tion now rank near the bot­tom. So why do we need to re­peal a tax break that has ben­e­fited mil­lions of Cal­i­for­nia home own­ers over the years. The state doesn’t need the money and we the tax pay­ers do not col­lec­tively have un­lim­ited funds to pay more and more taxes. So what up?

Gov­er­nor New­son pro­posed one of the most ex­pen­sive bud­gets in state history. I as­sume that he and the democrats will spend lots of money on il­le­gals, home­less and those who don’t need or de­serve it. The more that is given free the more they will ex­pect. The per­cent­age of peo­ple work­ing in the state is go­ing down and soon there will be no work­ers to pay taxes and no sources of in­come.

Cal­i­for­nia was called the golden state but it seems that the only gold is for the rich and those peo­ple who get ev­ery­thing free. Whats up is that the mis­man­age­ment of the state by the democrats is about to reach epic pro­por­tions and we’ll all pay.

Jim Gard­ner


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