How to curb crime

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The LA County Sher­iff’s Depart­ment spon­sored a time work­shop at quartz Hill High back in 1990.

The deputy sher­iff con­duct­ing the work­shop told the au­di­ence that “we’d bet­ter get ready be­cause the crim­i­nal el­e­ment is mov­ing up from the LA basin.”

Politi­cians who ran Los An­ge­les County back then were be­gin­ning to use the desert as a dump­ing ground to move crime out of LA and spread it out over the desert com­mu­ni­ties.

We now have the crim­i­nals here in the high desert and now what can be done to curb all the crime they com­mit?

First of all, make it easy for us law abid­ing cit­i­zens to get con­cealed weapons per­mits, which is next to im­pos­si­ble to get in LA County.

Sec­ond, crack down on pro­grams where ad­dicts get funds to buy drugs and all kinds of para­pher­na­lia through le­nient state or fed­eral pro­grams.

Third, le­gal­ize pros­ti­tu­tion in or­der to re­duce crimes of rape.

Fourth, have speedy tri­als where tri­als don’t drag on for years and stop this plea bar­gain non­sense in our courts.

Fifth, crack down on crim­i­nals where pun­ish­ments to them are harsh enough to ac­tu­ally fit their crimes.

Sixth, make pris­ons nasty places where ev­ery able bod­ied man in prison has to work off their sen­tence through hard man­ual labor and where no­body in their right mind would want to be, let alone go back there.

Sev­enth and most im­por­tant, boot out all those weak kneed politi­cians and judges who talk tough, but do noth­ing to pro­tect us from the bad guys. Their top pri­or­ity is to get re­elected again and again by giv­ing crim­i­nals pro­ba­tion over prison time and mis­de­meanor sen­tences over felony con­vic­tions. Den­nis Tope


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