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No longer safe

With sad­ness but hope I must an­nounce that my wife and I are leav­ing this once great state of Cal­i­for­nia and the once safe, serene and great place to live called the An­te­lope Val­ley.

As far as Cal­i­for­nia is con­cerned this state have been vir­tu­ally ran into the ground due to the lib­eral ac­tions, laws, reg­u­la­tions, high taxes and other mis­man­age­ment ideas that have been shoved down our throats.

The cur­rent con­di­tion of our state’s in­fra­struc­ture is shame­ful. The state has mil­lions of hard work­ing cit­i­zens who strive to sup­port their fam­i­lies, be great role mod­els for their kids and work hard to do these things but they’re be­ing over taxed so Sacra­mento can give free­bies to non de­serv­ing cit­i­zens and to­tally non de­serv­ing il­le­gals.

My fam­ily and I came to the AV in 1966. At that time the AV was safe, serene (ex­cept for the wind) and was a great place to live. The AV has grown by leaps and bounds by great folks who moved here who wanted af­ford­able hous­ing, safety and seren­ity and a great place to live and raise their chil­dren.

Now we gangs, su­per high crime rates and it’s not even safe to go shop­ping due to the fear of be­ing ac­costed by one of these thugs.

The east side of Lan­caster and other ar­eas are dot­ted with crimes on a daily ba­sis. Lan­caster and Palm­dale must step up the Sher­iffs pa­trols in these ar­eas to get a han­dle on these crime rid­den ar­eas be­fore this trend spreads even more to the other parts of the val­ley. Tom Walsh Lan­caster

No more taxes

At the last Board meet­ing of the AV Healthcare District, I ad­mon­ished the mem­bers of the Board of Direc­tors and their sup­port­ers for sug­gest­ing that AV Hos­pi­tal will close if the bond mea­sure, AV, is not passed. It is not going to close.

First of all, the CEO has said that not all build­ings on cam­pus need to be retro­fit­ted. The hos­pi­tal can re­main open dur­ing retrofitti­ng even at a re­duced level of ser­vice.

Se­condly, Palm­dale Regional is be­com­ing a full-ser­vice hos­pi­tal and they can help when AV Hos­pi­tal is be­ing retro­fit­ted. Also, we have the county clinic on Av­enue I that we didn’t have be­fore. Re­mem­ber when Com­mu­nity Hos­pi­tal closed and we had only AV Hos­pi­tal? We sur­vived with­out any trou­ble with one hos­pi­tal. We are in bet­ter shape to do so again, if nec­es­sary.

Fi­nally, bond mea­sures

AV, FD and Prop 13 need to be de­feated. The state is flush with funds with no ac­count­abil­ity for all they their use. Bil­lions are be­ing spent and no one knows where specif­i­cally it is going. Ever travel on the 14 and go to the 5 free­way and won­der what a dis­as­ter it is and where is the high­way tax money going?

No more taxes un­til lo­cal, county, and state gov­ern­ments are ac­count­able for spend­ing our money. Things can­not con­tinue like they are.

Michael P. Rives


IMore rea­sons

t seems to me that all this con­cern about the crime rate in Lan­caster is rather pe­cu­liar given the dis­re­gard for fac­tors in­flu­enc­ing it.

No men­tion is made of the lack of en­force­ment preva­lent in our so­ci­ety. Ev­ery leg­isla­tive body, what­ever level, passes laws or or­di­nances to ad­dress some prob­lem, then flails to en­force the law.

Look at the run­ning-ared-light de­ba­cle. Af­ter the law was passed and en­force­ment started, people started scream­ing be­cause they got caught and en­force­ment stopped. Now there are no more cam­eras.

Al­most the same thing with cell phones while driv­ing. Try to go any­where and not see a driver with a cell phone up against a driver’s head.

No men­tion is made of gang bangers com­ing up here to “cool off “or hide out.

Nei­ther is the re­volv­ing door for law break­ers. We have a death penalty which is ig­nored. Three strikes has been wa­tered down. Oh we don’t want to be too harsh to those poor mis­un­der­stood in­di­vid­u­als you and I call ca­reer crim­i­nals!

In my opinion the do-good­ers are re­spon­si­ble for en­cour­ag­ing a dis­re­gard for en­forc­ing the laws. Also we have a coun­try in­hab­ited with people who think that what­ever they want they should have and that laws and reg­u­la­tions only ap­ply to other people. Kay Brick­ner


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