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Reducing Acid Buildup Helps Immune Systems Feel Like a Fortress, Says Doctor

Popular natural compound helps body eliminate years-old acid buildup, producing host of ‘exciting’ benefits


Composed of 60 percent water, the human body has been called a walking, talking water balloon. It’s true.

The average American lugs around a staggering 13-plus gallons of it, mostly as blood and special fluids found in tissues, muscles, organs, joints, etc.

But it’s not ordinary water, says Dr. Ahmad Nooristani, MD, a licensed medical doctor and rising star in the field of alternativ­e medicine.

“It’s a sophistica­ted liquid matrix that is chemically, and precisely balanced,” says the doctor, adding, “not too much acid, not too much alkaline.”

Doctors measure this acid/alkaline balancing act using the pH scale. With a range of 0 to 14, the body’s ideal pH level is between 7.35 and 7.45.

As we age, thanks to less-than-perfect diets and lifestyle, our bodies become more acidic, triggering the inflammato­ry process, promoting joint discomfort, fatigue, mental fogginess, and weakened resistance to colds and flu.

Your Body to the Rescue… Sort Of

To keep blood pH stable, your body will try to neutralize acid buildup by stealing alkaline components from bones and even the small intestine.

This “robbing Peter to pay Paul” exchange seriously weakens and thins bones, leading to osteoporos­is.

Digestive woes also increase, and become chronic.

The ‘Plate-Piled-High’ Approach

You can help your body fight high acid buildup simply by changing your diet.

To balance pH levels naturally, 70 to 80 percent of your diet should be alkaline foods, which means consuming substantia­l amounts of leafy greens and salads, seven days a week.

This is a task that is easier said than done, and you won’t see overnight results either, says Dr. Nooristani.

“Dietary modificati­on can take weeks, months, even years to influence health factors like bone density and immune response,” says Dr. Nooristani.

“But,” he smiles, “there’s a much easier and faster way to enjoy pH normalcy.”

“Balance 7 is the Answer”

If you would like to quickly address years of acid buildup without gulping down horse-sized servings of leafy greens and salads, you could do as Dr. Nooristani has done, and follow the guidance of a 91 year-old, energized, nutritiona­l genius named Al Siamon.

Siamon has spent his life preaching the gospel of natural pH balance.

Johnny Appleseed of Perfect pH

To see or speak with Siamon, you will realize that he, indeed, practices what he preaches — he is witty, lucid, fast-speaking and razor-sharp.

After two decades of research and developmen­t, in 2005 Siamon introduced a remarkable liquid dietary formula that can safely normalize pH levels.

‘God Has His Hand in Balance 7’

Since then, more than six million units of Siamon’s Balance 7® formula have been sold internatio­nally and in the US.

“It is phenomenal,” says Dr. Nooristani, “the Balance 7 liquid supplement can naturally help transform an acidic body into a pH neutral environmen­t, one where cells can thrive, and reward their host with a longer, energy-filled lifespan.”

Puts a Smile on Your Face

The transforma­tion happens quickly. Siamon recommends drinking three small servings per day for the first three days.

“Most people find that in 72 hours, they feel more energy, greater clarity of thought, and they feel healthier and more invigorate­d.”

Former quarterbac­k for the San Francisco 49ers, Sonny Brasile, agrees.

Balance 7 Can Help

“I started taking Balance 7 and within a week I noticed a remarkable difference. I had greater movement in my joints with less discomfort. Now, I am free!”

At the young age of 48, Greg Nickel, was thrilled with the benefits of Siamon’s pH drink.

“After two weeks, the discomfort and swelling from my knee injury was gone. And for some reason, I can now touch my toes, which I’ve not been able to do since I was a young kid.”

Why Wait? Feel Better in Days

If you’re suffering with classic, low pH symptoms like persistent fatigue, sore joints, foggy thinking, poor digestion, and a weak immune system, here’s your chance to flush away healthwrec­king acid with fastacting Balance 7.

Take Al’s Three-Day Challenge

Balance 7 creator Al Siamon wants you to experience his feelbetter breakthrou­gh, completely risk-free, by taking his Three-Day challenge.

All it takes is three, one-ounce servings a day for three straight days.

If you don’t feel your body changing and coming alive, if you don’t feel more alert and mentally quicker, with less joint pain and increased flexibilit­y, then you won’t pay a single penny.

Get an Amazing Free Gift, Shipped Free!

Call 1-800-793-9039 to learn how you can get a special discounted supply of Balance 7 shipped to your door, free of charge!

Place your risk-free order today to receive a free gift valued at $13.99. Call 1-800-793-9039 today and mention code BAL06 to take advantage of this special offer.

 ??  ?? The same acid that wipes out pristine forests also wreaks havoc inside the human body, attacking cells, causing poor health and illness. A physician shares a simple, natural solution to safely normalize acid levels so you can feel better with greater energy and vitality
The same acid that wipes out pristine forests also wreaks havoc inside the human body, attacking cells, causing poor health and illness. A physician shares a simple, natural solution to safely normalize acid levels so you can feel better with greater energy and vitality

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