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Six ex-CHP officers are charged with OT fraud


SACRAMENTO (AP) — Six former California Highway Patrol offices were criminally charged with nearly 100 felonies Thursday with bilking the state out of about $23,400 by exaggerati­ng their overtime hours, the state attorney general said.

The six officers working out of East Los Angeles would typically work three to four hours providing protection for state highway workers during road constructi­on projects. But prosecutor­s say they then billed the state for eight hours of overtime.

The practice went on for longer than two years before ending in March 2018 and triggering a CHP investigat­ion two months later.

The CHP said in early 2019 that it had temporaril­y relieved “dozens” of officers from duty while it investigat­ed whether they had billed the state for hundreds of hours of suspected bogus overtime costing about $360,000, according to news accounts at the time. They said at the time that the abuse seemed to be isolated to officers covering the Los Angeles area and the agency had changed its overtime practices in response.

The charges against the six officers are part of an ongoing investigat­ion, the attorney general’s office said.

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