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Planners to investigat­e activities of business

- By ALLISON GATLIN Valley Press Staff Writer

PALMDALE — The Planning Commission ordered a full investigat­ion of a bail bond and check-cashing business under suspicion of violating the requiremen­ts of its Conditiona­l Use Permit, after reports of illegal activity at the facility were received.

The investigat­ion concerns Pro Club, 1475 East Palmdale Blvd., Suite C.

Planning Department staff received a crime report regarding the business that details illegal activity there, including possession of a firearm with the intent to commit a felony, possession of narcotics with a firearm, possession of controlled substances for sale and operating or minting a drug house, according to the staff report.

The crime report also describes customers at the business using three illegal gambling machines.

Commission Chair Stacia Nemeth confirmed with staff that the business’ Conditiona­l Use Permit does not allow for arcade activity, such as gaming machines.

“Based on the facts that I’ve seen in the report, it does raise concern for me with respect to what’s actually taking place in the facility,” Commission­er V. Jesse Smith said.

Pro Club was permitted in February 2018. The business was then a general store, but the owner planned to add the bail bond and check-cashing services at a later date, according to minutes of the Feb. 8, 2018, Planning Commission meeting.

At that time, the city’s crime prevention staff and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department had not shown concern with this type of business.

Nemeth thanked the Sheriff’s Department for bringing the crime report and the alleged violations of the permit to staff’s attention.

The Planning Commission may review any entity operating under a Conditiona­l Use Permit “to ensure that it is being operated in a manner consistent with the conditions of approval or in a manner that is not detrimenta­l to the public health, safety, or welfare, or materially injurious to properties in the vicinity,” according to the staff report.

The investigat­ion may result in modificati­ons to the permit or its revocation.

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