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Animal ID No.: A5591220 Animal name: Nellie


Nellie is a two-year-old, black, spayed pit bull mix that was brought to the Palmdale Animal Care Center as a stray. Nellie understand­ably was scared and unsure when she first arrived at the center. She has come out of her shell and is showing her full wiggly body and exuberant personalit­y. She looks as though she recently had puppies, though she didn’t have any with her when she arrived. Nellie has a sweet and gentle demeanor. She knows sit, for a treat, which she takes gingerly. She doesn’t hesitate to jump up on your chair to sit next to you. During her behavior assessment, as the kennel attendant stood at her cage, she attempted to door dash, but the runner was able to place the loop leash over her head. She walked well next to the runner on the way to the catch pen. She became tense as she noticed a female husky waiting to greet her through the play yard fence. When

Nellie growled at the husky, the handlers moved the dogs away from the fence and Nellie returned to the runner to solicit affection. She was hesitant to enter the yard and became tense with a low body. Nellie spent a few minutes exploring the yard with a loose body and soft eyes, keeping to herself. A calm female Labrador came up to greet her. Nellie was wary and leaned away from the Labrador but tolerated her presence. Nellie did not interact with any other dogs while in the yard. Nellie had medium energy and did not display any play style while in the yard. Due to her hesitancy with other dogs, they are recommendi­ng she be the only dog in the home. However, she has been housed with similar sized dogs while at the center and has had no issues. To meet Nellie, visit the center during its public hours of 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

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