Antelope Valley Press


No. 1103

- Edited by Will Shortz


1 Bill for expensive clothing?

6 Go back and forth, say

10 Farm youth

14 Show that featured the first lesbian kiss on prime-time TV (1991)

15 Get in position?

16 Once again

17 Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, for two

19 Reincarnat­ed one, maybe

20 Early home décor

21 Shade similar to coral

23 Plugging away

24 Like the light at sundown

25 Plot lines for many early Marvel films

29 More than a scuffle

30 Made a good point?

31 Pepper introduced in the 1960s: Abbr.

34 Producers of green eggs (but not ham)

35 Sacher ___ (chocolate/apricot confection)

36 Who talks on the phone a lot

37 Where Scrabble was invented: Abbr.

38 Weight of valuables

39 Didn’t take a card

40 Tip line?

43 Chairs usually have them

45 Tower of London feature

46 Eludes

47 Didn’t hide one’s opinion

50 Ingredient in some lip balms

51 General recomendat­ion?

54 Land vandalized by the Vandals

55 Subject of a firstperso­n narrative

56 In after being out

57 Residents of the Forest of Fangorn

58 After-beach wear

59 No-good conniver


1 “Giant ___,” soft sculpture of a sandwich at the Whitney Museum

2 Nonclerica­l

3 Resort with a “no snowboarde­rs” rule

4 Rescues from a junkyard, say

5 Babycakes

6 Cheeky attire?

7 Lose oomph

8 “Chances” follower

9 “You betcha!”

10 What an extended thumb and pinkie by your face might mean

11 Doggedly determined

12 Likely candidate for a breakdown

13 Sound of a bow shooting an arrow

18 What a pluviomete­r measures

22 In the thick of

24 “Sounds amazing, but I really shouldn’t”

25 Divination observatio­n

26 Protagonis­t of Pixar’s “Your Friend the Rat”

27 “That was so fortunate for me”

28 Book that gets reread from the beginning around autumn

32 Pirate’s potable

33 Pool maker

35 Eatery not known for its entrees

36 Big house

38 Give up

39 Barware for making grasshoppe­rs and whiskey sours

41 Philosophe­r Friedrich

42 Leave sitting in a breeze, say

43 Relative of an apothegm

44 Mideast’s ___ Heights

47 Skewer

48 Sephora rival

49 Get into a spot, perhaps

52 What’s the big fuss?

53 ___ Valley (San Francisco neighborho­od)


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