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Helping out clerks at stores this time of year

- Hints from Heloise

Dear Heloise: My hint regards the busy store clerks who work during this time of year. Whether I park far away or nearby, I always pick up a stray cart, or even one in the cart corral, and take it into the store. I often park at the far end of the lot to get some steps in, and there are often carts left way out there.

Thank you and your mom for all the help over the years.

— H. Johnson Bozeman, Mon.

Cranberry sauce ‘skin’

Dear Heloise: I make fresh whole-berry cranberry sauce a lot. As it cools, it can develop a “skin” on the surface. I prevent this by covering the surface of the sauce with plastic wrap while it’s hot and leaving it in place until the sauce cools.

This is the same technique used to prevent a skin from forming on hot custards or puddings.

— Betsy Leister Camp Hill, Pa.

Keeping food safe

Dear Heloise: Many food items that are refrigerat­ed or that have to be refrigerat­ed after opening have an expiration after they’re opened. For example, spaghetti sauce has an expiration date, but if you look where it tells you to refrigerat­e after opening, it also tells you to use it within five days after opening.

I can never remember when I open anything. So, whenever I open a jar or container, I write the date that I opened it on the container. That takes the guesswork out of whether something should be tossed.

Also, whenever I freeze anything, I write the date that the food was cooked and the date that I put it in the freezer.

— Angela G.


Art tool hint

Dear Heloise: I learned a hint recently that artists or kids could use while drawing. Cut out a placemat-sized piece of bumpy rubber shelf liner and place it beside your work area. Place colored pencils or crayons on the shelf liner, and your art tools won’t roll off the table top no matter what. No more chasing or losing coloring tools under furniture.

— Priscilla Wigham

via email

Cat collars

Dear Heloise: Please warn your readers to always buy a cat collar with a safety release. When the cat’s collar gets caught on something, the cat can pull on it so that the release opens and they break free.

While you’re at the vet’s next time, have your fur baby microchipp­ed. Then fill out the short paper form and mail it in. This makes it so much easier to find a lost pet when they’re microchipp­ed.

— D.T. New Jersey

Pet pal

Dear Heloise: Dolly is a rescue cat, one of four at our house, and she is 8 years old. She is very lovable and can sit and beg on cue. She loves yogurt, sour cream and cottage cheese as a daily requiremen­t.

— Elizabeth Witkowicz

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