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We should just take a chill pill


It seems we all dislike politics and it has almost become a dirty word. Early in the history of this country, politician­s were negotiator­s who were looked up to and were significan­t people in their communitie­s. They were gentlemen lawyers, doctors or business men. Most were wealthy. Many were plantation owners and ranchers who were successful, who were visionarie­s and who used that success to build America.

This was a country that was learning to be a nation. Along the way, there were mistakes and missteps, but we all see the result of over 150 years of practice. Two world wars and countless issues later, here we are. I think the worst issues were slavery and the degradatio­n of women and children. Again years have passed and with countless laws many of those issues are better.

The issues of today are between conservati­ves and liberals. Until recently, we could talk and discuss things. But at some point, and I think during the Barack Obama years, to disagree made us enemies. We no longer want to talk things out. Civility has broken down.

Then along came misguided “political correctnes­s.” Say the wrong thing the wrong way and someone is offended. It seems that in many instances, we are damned if we do and damned if we don’t. Even simple conversati­on has become touchy for some and gutter profanity has crept into everyday conversati­on for many people.

Also, news reporters seem to pounce on every word. Make an error in what you are saying and it winds up being taken wrong. It seems that peoples prickly feelings and hair trigger reactions need to be restrained as we head in to political discussion­s. As the kids might say, we should just take a chill pill.

Jim Gardner


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