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I just can’t take them seriously


Reading the letters from the left is an exercise in mind-bending to the extreme. I feel bad for them, as they’re living in constant crisis. How can I take them seriously?

I can’t seem to find anything rational in their writings. It all looks like mass hysteria to me.

First one up, Donald Trump is a fascist dictator who attempted a coup. He will cancel the Constituti­on.

More headlines just from today: “Women can have penises, and men can get pregnant.”

How about “We need to open our borders because ‘climate change’ is pushing these fighting age men into our country, so let’s have these foreign nationals join our military”?

We’re facing a “climate emergency.” It’s now “global boiling.” As the climate czars, on their way to the latest climate summit, sit on the tarmac because the runway is frozen over with ice. Oh, but the weather has nothing to do with climate change.

Wait, there’s more. Trust the science, mask up and keep your children home from school for over a year because they might catch cold and kill their grandma. Stand out in the cold because only 10 shoppers are allowed to buy groceries at a time, then follow the arrows so you don’t get sick.

A song by Joe Walsh comes to mind:

“Hey, don’t you know it’s a waste of your day, caught up in endless solutions. That have no meaning. Just another hunch. Based upon jumping conclusion­s, caught up in endless solutions. Backed up against a wall of confusion.

Living a life of illusion”

Don’t expect these writers to come to their senses anytime soon, as we’re entering an election year. It’s only going to get worse. They will surely entertain us, and I do wish them well.

Rose O’Connor


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