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Trump, Simpson treatments differ


Donald has given historians a perfect example of the embodiment of America’s hate, racism, classism, elitism, cronyism, nepotism and hypocrisy that have historical­ly haunted this nation, sometimes in the shadows, from day one of Columbus’ great “discovery.”

I was a radio talk show host when O.J. Simpson was exonerated in the criminal case. He had enough money to mount a successful defense against the megabucks of our federal justice system. As a Black woman, I was berated over the airwaves by the frustrated and hate-filled voices that demanded their sense of justice. My fellow talk show hosts were all white and were not the recipients of vengeful and damning comments.

This country was on fire, indisputab­ly along racial lines more so than any other dynamic. Everyone was amazed that a Black man could “purchase” his freedom irrespecti­ve of whether he was guilty or innocent. The almighty media fed the frenzy with news reports capturing the reactions of Black vs white individual­s and groups.

For me, a seasoned newspaper OpEd columnist who understood the power of words as a key to mind manipulati­on games being carried out on all sides, simply understood that when the glove does not fit, a brilliant and resourcefu­l Black man like Johnny Cochran, backed by the power of money, can be as resourcefu­l and meritoriou­s even in an entrenched white supremacis­t constructe­d system of justice.

Please tell me why the same anti~hypocrisy, anti-OJ Simpson, law-and-order zealots who were the same voices creating a crescendo of self-righteous rage in protest and demonizing OJ Simpson’s ability to use the money to mount his successful defense is allowing Trump, an acknowledg­ed white supremacis­t, to destroy our America and our rule of law? Why aren’t they dissecting the many scams Trump is using to obstruct justice, derail any investigat­ions, and act like he is recruiting a MAGA Army?

Why aren’t they concerned over Trump paying a trial witness $900K for one visit to the stand? That certainly shows the power of white privilege.

I have friends of 25 years, intelligen­t, sane, successful, parents of loving, successful, hard-working patriots who happen to believe our government is persecutin­g Trump. They won’t discuss the details of the charges because those just happen to be fabricated, according to them. And those inner circle folks who have testified against Trump? The government, like Flip Wilson used to say, “The devil made them do it.”

I cannot address an irrational, emotion-fueled perspectiv­e with a rationally-based response. The devil told me as much by watching the elevation of Trump to a diety with no rational explanatio­n or justificat­ion.

Simpson is evil and Trump is put on a pedestal? Go figure!

Dr. Diana BeardWilli­ams Brown Palmdale

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