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How to register to vote

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Dear Heloise: Next year, I will be eligible to vote for the first time. How do I register to vote in my state? — Lisa G. Dillon, SC Lisa, it’s really simple. Just go to to start the process. Select your state or territory, and depending on your state’s rules, you will find instructio­ns on how you should register to vote.

Another way is to download the National Mail Voter Registrati­on Form. You can either fill it out online, then print it out, or print out the form and fill it in by hand. Don’t forget to sign the form before you mail it off to the location listed for your state.

Most states will also allow you to register in-person at your local Department of Motor Vehicles or an armed forces recruitmen­t center.

The Federal Voting Assistance Program lets you register to vote and ask for an absentee ballot if you:

• Are a United States citizen living outside of the US.

• Are a service member stationed abroad.

• Are physically unable to go to the polls (but are registered to vote).

• Are over a certain age.

— Heloise

Microwave mystery

Dear Heloise: Is good quality pottery microwavab­le? How does one determine if

plates, cooking items, etc., are microwavab­le?

— Dorothy P.

San Antonio Dorothy, most microwavea­ble bowls and dishes will say on the bottom whether they can be microwaved. You might see three or four small wavy lines on the bottom indicating that it is microwave-safe. The wavy lines are often on plastic containers that are safe to use in a microwave oven.

If you are not sure, there is a test that you can perform to see if the item is microwave-safe. Place it and a cup of water in the microwave, and heat for 1 minute. If the dish or bowl is hot, but the water is not, it’s not safe for your microwave oven. Here is a list of things that should never be microwaved:

• No metal (not even aluminum).

• Single-use plastic.

• Takeout containers.

• Styrofoam.

• Eggs.

• Frozen protein.

• Uncovered sauces. Hope this helps. — Heloise

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