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In desperate need of a strong leader


America is in desperate need of a strong leader. In a show of verbal strength on who’s the leader, CCP president Xi Jinping boldly told US President Joe Biden that China will unite with Taiwan in due time as a matter of fact, leaving Biden speechless. Biden’s failure to respond with authority, could it be Biden’s weakness as a leader? Here are just a few examples:

1. Fentanyl. After thousands of accidental deaths in America alone, and Biden fails to confront Xi on the production and importatio­n of the deadly drug into America. Biden’s open border policy only adds to the problem.

2. The CCP’s spy ballon. Biden waited to act until the balloon’s mission was completed before authorizin­g a shoot down, a little to late.

3. The COVID-19 pandemic. To this day, even after thousands of American deaths and millions of deaths worldwide, Biden has yet to demand a full and complete investigat­ion. They say COVID-19 was part of the CCPs biological weapons program.

4. Chinas alliance with Russia and Iran. This new axis of evil is a threat to the world’s balance of power and world peace.

5. China’s buying spree of Americas farmland near American military installati­ons. It is ideal for spying, and that farmland could also serve as a food shortage in non farming.

6. The stealing of American technology in our colleges by thousands of Chinese exchange students. This is robbing America blind by Chinese students in spying for the CCP. The million dollar question is why has Biden failed to act. Could it be the millions of dollars in business deals the Biden’s made with China while Biden served as VP under Obama.

It looks like China is getting its money’s worth at the expanse of Americas freedom and our national security. A must read for all freedom loving Americans: “Maos America,” a survivor’s warning by Xi Van Fleet. It makes a great gift.

They say “knowledge serves no one if one is not willing to share it.”

Miguel Rios Palmdale

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