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Something fishy with utilities


Thomas Elias’ commentary, (Dec. 27) made an excellent point concerning the Public Utility Commission, just another symptom of a problem that has destroyed California.

I fully agree, the PUC should be elected and not appointed due to how campaign contributi­ons to the governor carry more weight than the voters. It smells like Bandini Mountain.

The PUC regulates more than people realize; at one time they controlled intrastate trucking rates and with trash collection fees being added to home taxes in some areas, they will be controllin­g trash next if not already. I would like to see Waste Management’s campaign contributi­ons.

SCE and PG&E are way out of control. I’m still baffled how it’s possible to have electrical power shortages with a dwindling population and increasing alternativ­e energy like seas of solar panels, wind generators and mandatory solar panels on new homes. Something is not adding up except Bandini Mountain.

We were always taught that natural gas was the clean energy but not anymore, gas stoves are being forced out in favor of electric. About a year ago, natural gas spiked then dropped again before people began to riot but the gas company made a $400 million bonus — maybe just a way to toss them a bone?

I don’t need to tell you about the price of gasoline, usually higher than Hawaii, which has no oil, while Kern County has the ability to produce more oil than Oklahoma but doesn’t.

The green movement is pushing for more EVs we can’t support while wanting to shut down Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant. It is the most emissions-free power supply in the state and uses pumped storage at night when demand is low because nuclear power plants take 24 hours to shut down.

Are you fed up yet? Be careful how you vote unless you enjoy bragging rights to the wealthiest politician­s in the nation?

Don Dyas Rosamond

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