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No communist defends Hamas


Larry Kissam: “(Guy) Marsh …. has taken up the defense of the indefensib­le Hamas butchers by trying to ratchet up a stream of lies and falsehoods about the Israeli government.”

But notice that Larry Kissam failed to delineate a single lie or falsehood “advanced” by me. And he won’t do so in a follow-up letter because there won’t be one.

Now then, my writing, “…. (A)s a symbol of Palestinia­n resistance to Israeli settler colonialis­m, Hamas is enormously popular among Gazans …” was no defense of Hamas. It was a matterof-fact affirmatio­n based on the reality that, while lacking a meaningful military force, Hamas is all that occupied Palestinia­ns have.

Moreover, it was Israel that long-defended Hamas. For some 10 years, Israel greased the wheel for the transfer of tens of millions of dollars from Qatar to Hamas to ensure the West Bank and Gaza would continue to be governed by distinct governing authoritie­s: the West Bank under the PA and Gaza under Hamas.

In a 2009 Wall Street Journal article, former Israeli religious affairs official Avner Cohen stated that, during the mid-1980s, he warned his bosses not to engage in a divide-and-conquer strategy in the occupied territorie­s by supporting Palestinia­n

Islamists over Palestinia­n secularist­s, particular­ly the Palestinia­n Marxist-Leninist PFLP. Cohen stated, “Hamas, to my great regret, is Israel’s creation.”

It’s loosely akin to how the US’s arming of the Mujahideen came back to bite

America when the Mujahideen morphed into Al-Qaeda, and how our arming of Nazis in Ukraine will likely come back to haunt us, too.

Indeed, no communist defends Hamas. It speaks in the language of religious holy war, which is a game that Zionists know all too well. Hamas has no perspectiv­e on mass struggle, which is why it was created and promoted by the Israeli government during the first Intifada to cut across the then-strong socialist currents in the liberation movement.

Kenneth Nickel: “Why all this continuing Jewish enmity — or is envy possibly the root cause?”

Does that pertain to something written in this forum, Kenneth? If so, what is it? Thank you, sir.

Rose O’Connor: “Our local Marxist letter writers are very efficient spreaders of ‘misinforma­tion.’ … During 2020, I saw some things so disturbing I began to research Marxism….”

So, throughout three years of study, Rose has learned that letter writers such as Brax, Jung, and White are “Marxists.” May 2024 bring Rose better reading materials.

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