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Jan. 6: Riot or insurrecti­on?


Colorado’s state Supreme Court has banned Donald Trump from being listed on their state’s primary ballot in March. They claim Trump is a Jan. 6 insurrecti­onist. They base their decision on the 14th Amendment, which many lawyers believe is not applicable to any president given the amendment’s wording.

Most people, except “never Trumpers,” believe Jan. 6 was a riot, not insurrecti­on, making the whole issue debatable. Videos show capital police moving outdoor barricades aside, allowing demonstrat­ors onto capitol grounds. Trump was president on Jan. 6; why incite an insurrecti­on against yourself ?

A basic issue — the Colorado court’s unpreceden­ted declaratio­n of Trump as an insurrecti­onist circumvent­ed his right to a fair trial and deprives him of his civil rights and his due process.

This was a kangaroo court. Another basic issue — Trump has never been charged with insurrecti­on. Colorado simply banned him from the ballot by declaring him guilty of insurrecti­on, a federal crime for which he’s never been charged or convicted. Democratic politician­s and television talking heads assert democracy must be saved and protected from Trump. Even Jack Smith, the federal prosecutor, who brought 91 counts against Trump didn’t go this far.

You don’t save democracy by breaking it.

The four Colorado justices are so wrong on fundamenta­lly important legal issues. It’s a wonder as to how they have not been found incompeten­t and disbarred. Clearly, these are radical progressiv­e activist judges ignoring the law — a danger to Colorado’s and the US’s legal systems.

Astonishin­gly, but maybe not, there are several other blue states that want to follow Colorado down this un-American and anti-democratic rabbit hole. Hard-left Democrats are so hungry for power they are more than willing to destroy the legal system and democracy to get it.

Relevant too are the four lawsuits that were designed and coordinate­d together to work against Trump. Relevance is reflected by the lawsuits (coincident­ally?) being filed at the same time so all trials start in the middle the presidenti­al campaign season, thus tying up Trump’s campaignin­g. Hoping to ultimately convict and then send him to jail. This is not free democracy working; it’s scary Third World tactics seemingly taking hold here. The radical leftists have no interest in what damage it causes or who may get hurt, as long as they get dominating single-party power.

This Democratic Party is not the Democratic Party of John Kennedy or Bill Clinton. Dave Walker


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