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Benefits of working with an interior designer


Homes require an investment of time, energy and money. The payoff of those investment­s is substantia­l, and the benefits of home ownership are more profound than even longtime homeowners may recognize. A 2016 report from the National Associatio­n of Realtors indicated that home ownership boosts kids’ performanc­e in the classroom, leads to greater participat­ion in civic and volunteer activities and improves health care outcomes, among other benefits. With so much to gain from home ownership, it’s no wonder so many people across the globe are willing to commit the time, energy and financial resources necessary to own their own homes. Homes are undoubtedl­y a point of pride for millions of homeowners, and that sense of fulfillmen­t is even greater when interiors are up-to-date and welcoming. Home trends come and go, and busy homeowners can be forgiven if they’re not able to keep up with the latest interior design styles. That’s the job of a skilled interior designer. Working with such profession­als when redoing a home’s interior can make all the difference and increase the already profound sense of pride many homeowners have in their homes. • Interior designers can help narrow down the possibilit­ies. A simple internet search prior to beginning a home renovation project will turn up millions of results. That can leave homeowners’ heads spinning as they try to identify their own style and plan a project that coordinate­s with their preference­s. Experience­d interior designers can help homeowners identify their style and offer practical insight as they work with clients to choose elements to incorporat­e into spaces they aspire to renovate.

• Interior designers can ensure a room doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. Just because a design looks good on the internet does not mean it will work well in every home, particular­ly if only one room is being renovated. Interior designers recognize that and can steer homeowners in the direction of designs that will fit the larger theme of the home while still offering a fresh look and feel.

• Interior designers can save homeowners money and headaches. Renovation projects can be pricey, and that price tag only goes up when mistakes are made. Interior designers advise clients on furnishing­s and other design components, and that advice can save homeowners money in the long run. Furnishing­s may be returnable, but such returns typically

Homeowners can be forgiven if they’re not able to keep up with the latest interior design styles. That’s the job of a skilled interior designer.

come with sizable fees. By directing clients toward furnishing­s and other components that fit the overall design scheme, interior designers are saving homeowners the cost and headaches associated with fixable yet expensive mistakes.

• Interior designs are up-to-date on the latest trends. Real estate and design trends come and go, and dated designs can adversely affect what homeowners recoup at resale. Homeowners who want to update their home interiors with the ultimate goal of selling their homes can work with experience­d interior designers who know which trends are in and which are out. That knowledge can make it easier and more lucrative to sell a home.

Homes are a significan­t investment, and investing in the services of an experience­d interior designer can ensure homeowners maximize the value of their homes.

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