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Trash rates are always increasing


Recently a writer sent a Letter to the Editor complainin­g about the transferal of Waste Management bills to property taxes. The writer complained that as well as transferri­ng the bills to property taxes, Waste Management rates increased.

Trash collection rates have increased on a yearly basis for as long as I can remember, so the rate increase was normal. Previously billing for trash collection was every other month, while now billing is once a year. The amount paid is the same under either payment method.

One benefit of paying it as part of the property tax bill is it becomes tax deductible for those who itemize on their 1040 form. Another benefit is with all property owners paying for trash collection, trash disposed of along our rural roads should decrease.

President Joe Biden and congressio­nal democrats continuall­y tell us they have an immigratio­n reform plan, but Republican­s refuse to pass the legislatio­n. If the Biden administra­tion has a plan, why don’t they detail it out for the electorate to read?

Just saying “we have a plan” is insufficie­nt; what does the plan say? Tell us how your plan addresses the millions who have crossed the southern and northern borders.

Most recent immigrants are claiming asylum, and the administra­tion has released them into the US with court dates in the 2030s. Border security and immigratio­n control is a federal problem that President Biden refuses to address. Early in the Biden administra­tion, Biden appointed Vice President Kamala Harris as border czar to address the crisis at the southern border. Harris defined that mission as determinin­g the “root causes” of illegal immigratio­n. She has been working on it for over 24 months, so what are the findings and how is the US addressing the “root causes”?

Democrats cry “if Trump is elected it is the end of democracy,” but it is the Democrats of Colorado and Maine who have barred Trump from appearing on their primary ballot for a crime for which he has not charged or convicted. So, tell me again, who is ending democracy?

Curt Redecker


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