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Homeless issue is a real concern


According to a recent Antelope Valley Press article, a proposal for discounted rates at a local motel for people associated with Antelope Valley College was rejected apparently for safety concerns. That perhaps reflects alarm regarding the significan­t homeless population and debris that occupies the culvert that runs parallel to the AV freeway.

That is a legitimate concern and should be a priority for both city government­s. The area is a visual blight and will affect the attitudes towards the region for new and current residents, plus affect future developmen­t. Although Caltrans may have primary responsibi­lity, perhaps funds from tax Measure LC (Lancaster), and Measure AV ( Palmdale) could be directed toward enforcing cleanup there and many other parts of our valley. Regulation, perhaps including incursion on private property, needs to be considered.

The 14 freeway has been operating and fueling the developmen­t of our High Desert area now for over 50 years, during which time we have grown exponentia­lly. Basic infrastruc­ture of population, housing, roads, utilities, schools, etc., are in place. The delightful and proud rural nature is gone and we are now passing to a new generation in which we will pass from the stepchild of Los Angeles city to our separate personalit­y based largely on aerospace and a refuge/suburb for many from big city problems.

Our local letters section has become a confrontat­ional, mindless miasma of simplistic gibberish.

Some persons use argumentat­ive verbiage and insist on titles such as doctor to try to appear like having a higher significan­ce. People who do indeed have wisdom/intellect are more concerned with articulati­ng themselves and communicat­ing effectivel­y. Wisdom and intellect does not come from a textbook or rigid ideology.

We are all entitled to our own opinions, but when we believe we are more intelligen­t and of higher character, we place personal judgment at the center of how we relate to others.

John Manning


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