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Slavery has been around for a while


It seems like some things never change for the better. Take Saturdays opinion letter (Jan. 6) where the writer proves the invisible chains of slavery as a mindset still exists.

Many Blacks still live in the past by blaming whites for today’s Black problems. Playing the repeated race card is proof and the reason why playing victimhood is alive and well today. I’m sure the writer’s greatest supporters are those modern day “white linchpin” progressiv­e radical loco lefty liberals who hate America that play Blacks in the victimhood game in order to give some sort of leadership role, when in reality they control Blacks.

The writer must realize slavery was not only in early America slavery has been around since the beginning of recorded history — see Moses’ famous quote, “Let my people go,” from 300 years of bondage from the Egyptians. Spain, France and England did more of its share in the slave trade into the Americas.

Let us not forget many African tribes, Native American Indians and native Mexican Indians also practiced slavery on their own people of different tribes. In America today, we have more rich and famous Black teachers, attorneys, music, entertaine­rs, actors and athletics than ever before, and yes, even a half Black former president.

Why not do your people a favor by getting those rich and famous mentioned to invest in today’s Black youths from the inner cities of America? Good luck in trying.

The writer needs to be honest — are Blacks in America under the Biden administra­tion better off in the last three years? It all starts in the home where the natural father takes parental responsibi­lity and plays the most important role in the lives of children they helped produce, not some rich and famous stranger. Miguel Rios


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