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Keep dogs restrained in the car for safety of all

- Hints from Heloise

Dear Heloise: I just read a hint in a recent column about using restraints on a dog while they’re in the car. Here is another good reason to do this. Many years ago, a friend of ours was driving with her mother, and their little dog was in the backseat. The dog suddenly leaped over onto her lap while she was driving, causing her to lose control and get into a slight accident.

Even worse was that the bag imploded and caused great pain for her many days afterward, as it hit her chest. Worse things could have happened, but luckily, no other vehicles were involved.

— Karen Greding

Thousand Oaks

Practical gifts

Dear Heloise: My family has always given practical gifts for Christmas. Toys were given if you were a child, of course, but serious things were given for grown-ups. The best thing that I received this year was a week’s worth of groceries paid for by my daughter. It is really appreciate­d. I’m a senior citizen and recommend such a gift to others. Happy New Year. — Carolyn McDonough

Canaan, Conn.

Leftover soap pieces

Dear Heloise: To save soap that would otherwise go to waste, take these simple steps: When the soap bar is slim (it may take a few attempts to find the right thickness), place it on top of a new bar of soap. If used carefully over the next few days, the slender piece will fuse into the new bar. With only one or two exceptions, I have not thrown out a soap scrap for the past 25 years.

— S. Taylor

via email

Cleaning windshield haze

Dear Heloise: In response to H.G. from Houston, who wrote in about haze stuck on his windshield, there are many helpful videos on YouTube that show how to get the haze off of the inside of the windshield. It takes less than 10 minutes and involves using a microfiber cloth, a Mr. Clean cleaning pad and glass cleaner. This would save time, gas and money by not having to search out an auto mechanic.

— K.M. Baton Rouge, La.

Putting away lights

Dear Heloise: I love reading your hints. We found a great, inexpensiv­e way to put away long strings of Christmas lights without getting them all tangled up. Just coil them and put them inside an old 5-gallon bucket. They will all come out nicely and effortless­ly next year when you need them again.

— Dave and Wendy Camarillo

Stubborn cake

Dear Heloise: I tried to get a cake out of a fluted pan, and it was so stubborn that it refused to come out. No matter what I tried, it was stuck inside that pan.

Finally, my neighbor suggested that I set the cake (still in the pan) in a kitchen sink that was filled with 3-4 inches of hot water.

So, I left the cake pan in hot water for about 5 minutes. Then I removed it and inverted the pan onto a plate. It came loose without a problem.

— H.L. Kansas

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