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Being selective in their bashing


The liberal media is up and running at full force once again attacking Donald Trump at every turn.

Ever notice how Joy Reid Al Sharpton and others bash white conservati­ves yet never bash Latino or Black conservati­ves while trying to look like the ones they bash?

When will these progressiv­e liberal hate-America loco lefties realize being an American living in America the “Make America Great Again” movement includes them, yet they hate so much they fail to see it because they are stuck in left gear?

These progressiv­e liberals only focus on abortion and woke issues while America faces a massive open border crisis, which is a threat to our national security; massive inflation; two active wars, one in Europe and the other one in the Middle East; Iran suppling terrorist with weapons; North Korea firing missiles; and China on the move, which can lead to another world war that will make World War 1 and World War 2 look like child’s play.

My many special thanks go our Lost In Space (President Joe) Biden for releasing billions of dollars to Iran. I’m sure Iran is putting that money to good use, like supplying more weapons to terrorist for more attacks.

Should anyone want free travel to any large city in America, now is the time. All one has to do is claim to be an immigrant looking for asylum. You won’t be asked for ID with no security searches.

As always, expect to see the liberal media support Biden 100% again while Biden avoids a debate with Trump and hides — known as hiden-Biden.

Miguel Rios Palmdale

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