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He has done no good for country


Writer Diana-Beard Williams does not like Donald Trump. Her extensive use of insults and negative comments about Mr Trump was disgusting and without merit.

You see, he has never been charged, tried, or convicted of a crime. The current push to remove him from the ballot will be overturned in the courts and is just Democrat politics at its worst.

Trump hater Sue Brax also wrote her latest piece wanting humiliate and destroy Trump. We get it that you don’t like him, but what do you like about your boy? He can’t find his way off a stage or walk down an airplane stairway, and he hasn’t done much for the country. I too get it that Trump is not very likable, but the more you talk about him, the higher his ratings go.

So, tell us what wonderful things Biden has accomplish­ed in four years. Yes, he shut down the Keystone Pipeline. Yes, we’ve had the highest inflation in many years. And yes, gasoline went from around $2 per gallon to nearly $6 per gallon now. Yes, the southern border is in chaos and homelessne­ss is out of control.

But what has he done for the good of the country? Nothing.

He is constantly pandering to this group or that. He made a fool of himself when he visited the fire victims on Maui, and his federal nominees all seem to have few if any qualificat­ions for the jobs to which they have been nominated.

Every president during my lifetime has made a goof or misjudgmen­t, but Mr. Biden, has made a career of them. He thinks only as a politician and not what’s best for people. And I hope the whole body of lies and misreprese­ntations surroundin­g him and his son Hunter will come out and be public just in time for the upcoming elections.

Jim Gardner Palmdale

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