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Look around, see Biden’s damage


So, Mr. Joe Biden is going to various states, not to tell us how he will fix all the problems the he and his administra­tion have caused, but to talk about what a great union man he is.

He is telling auto workers that he will keep them going strong out of one side of his mouth and killing jobs by making folks. Are union workers that stupid? Don’t they get it, that they will be among the first to be laid off permanentl­y as Mr. Biden pushes AI and destructio­n of oil, gas production and EVs?

Due to his very poor “Bidenomics,” they will experience eviction, bankruptcy and homelessne­ss. Over 6.4 million folks are working two full-time jobs.

Labor stats — and we have some folks who “stat” us to death in their letters — for December, released on or about Jan. 8, show that in America, age 16 and over, 101,330,000 folk that do not work at all. How many apply for work? I could not find that stat (no computer), but I am certain it’s up in the 75% or higher percentage.

Maybe a “stat” person can say. Of course, they all seem to be liberal, left wing, Democratic lemmings and can make any stat say what they want. So, I am kinda like “Peanuts” star, when forced to hear how bad baseball team was, finally told Lucy, “Tell your statistics to shut up.”

What does that mean in this letter? It means anyone can look at all that is wrong with our country and know without “stats” that we are in deep trouble, in most every sector of labor, education, policy, crime, racism, wokeness, etc. Only one man did this to everyone, even you liberal, left socialists: Joe Biden. I don’t believe even one of you is better off today than at any time of the Donald Trump years. Not one.

If you cannot look around and see the damage done by Mr. Biden and his policies, then you really are lemmings.

Skip Thacker


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