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Christians don’t deny the truth


It’s not every day I get the pleasure to respond to two letters at once.

My first response letter goes to our America-hating Jake Pickering. Real Christians never deny the truth and are followers of our lord Jesus Christ and his teachings. I am not a pastor nor a “real Christian” by your twisted standards, just a believer.

God sent his only son Jesus not to condemn man, but in order to save man from sin. Jesus is God in the flesh and was not a martyr; he was doing God’s will in dying for mans sin’s as stated in the Bible. Jesus could have saved himself but freely choose not to due to his obedience to God the father. Jesus’ last words were, “It is done.”

It is written toward the last days Christians will be persecuted mocked and attacked for believing in God, not following man’s corrupt spirit. Here’s something that will piss you off — I will pray for you.

My second response letter goes to Diana Beard-Williams. Your doctorate must be as a mouthpiece for victimhood. You were never a slave, nor I a slave master. Quit living in the past. It’s like taking one foot forward then one step back. You are injecting hate into the minds of America’s youth and future generation­s to justify your own existence, but then again there’s nothing like ignoring and denying truth.

My recommenda­tion is step out of those four walls and a roof of your mental confinemen­t, get out into the community see the real problems firsthand, then focus on solutions. We will never find a political solution to our man-made social problems. Don’t be part of the problem; be part of the solution, not a mouth piece for victimhood.

Know this: Children as adults and parents will always fall back on their upbringing good or bad. Help end the cycle. America lacks real men who love their wives, never abandon the family and take parental responsibi­lities for their children, It all starts in the home.

The truth will set you free. The number one rule in finding solutions to a problem is to first admit you ignored the real root cause of a problem you’re trying to solve. There lies the answer.

Miguel Rios Palmdale

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