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Why is he proud of that stat?


So how is it that the left liberals in California are perfectly fine with a state law that says anyone can go into any store and steal (commit a criminal act), up to $950 of anything, and not be prosecuted for any crime? Apparently, they can do this as often as they want.

Gov. Gavin Newsom graced the peons with shopping at a Target store. Somehow this law was brought up, perhaps by the checkout person, who sadly did not know the law. Target: Train your people. Gov. Gav demanded to see the manager. If it was reported what that person said to him, I missed it.

Later Gov. Gav recounts this to a TV reporter and stupidly, perhaps not intending to, made the checker appear to be irresponsi­ble and unlearned about the wonderful job he has done as Gov. Gav. Citing “facts” (his word; look it up), California is in the “top 10” for choose your own lie. Crime abatement, safety etc.

Note: when you take away law enforcemen­ts ability to do the job, you get anarchy.

Gov. Gav was proud to be in the top 10. Uh, governor, why do you support theft, stealing, smash-and-dash, all which lead other crimes, like carjacking, home invasion, assault and battery, rape and murder? Oh, and other state laws and federal laws, mail theft illegally crossing the border, drug smuggling, etc.

Yes, Gov. Gav, you do. When you taught crime as a good stat, and follow and sign into law stupid laws, such as what the first few paragraphs of this letter talk about, fail to overturn, stop, remove district attorneys who won’t prosecute all crimes, then you get uneducated clerks.

Oh, Gov. Gav: Most retailer have “company policies,” such as sexual harassment, dress codes, etc. Many, like Target, will fire anyone, up to and including management, for stopping or endangerin­g a shoplifter. Store security must do that. You may recall, a few folks have been killed or permanentl­y injured by these non-aggressive crooks.

Another thing. Don’t start your complainin­g now about store closures, like an idiot congresswo­man who actually (naturally; she always does) played the racism card, on CVS. If I was a stockholde­r or someone with a vote on their directors board, I’d vote to close every one in crime-ridden areas. My employees are much more valuable than anything we sell.

Don’t say, “That’s why you have insurance.” That is the second most stupid thing you can say to a company.

Skip Thacker Mojave

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