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All government­s fail; why is that?


My understand­ing is that government’s primary purpose is to establish order to a society. Some government­s work better than others, but all eventually fail. Why is that?

Conflict is inevitable, and how the government responds to conflict determines the effectiven­ess of that government and thus its longevity. If there was no conflict, then all government­s would work.

The US government has existed for only about 250 years, and most of its constituen­ts believe it’s the best-ever government. Even so, we had one major conflict that ended in civil war. Today we have multiple conflicts that we can’t seem to remedy because we’ve evolved into primarily a two-party where both parties have opposite mindsets. Different mindsets are fine, but a democracy can’t function when there are two distinct opposite mindsets. “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

Our whole society has evolved into two opposite mindsets. Since “the people” theoretica­lly are the government, our divisivene­ss can’t be fixed within the walls of government. What is causing all this conflict? In a word, informatio­n.

Personally, I filter info through truth I find in the Bible. The thing about truth is, truth will always be truth. Time and issues don’t change it. Truth stands on itself. Today, most develop their own truth based on the info of the day. The problem with this is that when the info changes, their truth also changes. Just read the letters. “My facts are better than your facts.”

Today informatio­n is available from more sources than ever before. This informatio­n is filtered through the ideology of those news pushers. They filter out the part they don’t want you to hear. They are essentiall­y attempting to program you think like them. What you are hearing is not truth, but partial truth, which is not truth at all. The full story is being filtered out. You will only hear the part of a speech they want you to hear. Guess what happens when your info sources differ from someone else’s? That’s correct, division.

What’s the solution to our divisivene­ss? Because we live in the age of informatio­n, we need to learn how to filter info through the filter of truth. Truth will never allow you to be deceived. If we are too stubborn or ignorant to do this, then we will go the way of every government that came before ours.

James Chandler


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