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Rio Latin Bistro makes a great choice for AV's Best Taste of Miami in the AV!


Rio Latin Bistro could be a multiple winner in AV’s Best this year. The popular Restaurant on the Blvd. in Lancaster that serves food from 9 menus from 9 different Latin American Countries has recently remodeled and is better than ever! Last year Rio Latin Bistro earned “Favorite Restaurant” in the Antelope Valley. In prior years, Rio has won best Buffet and Best BBQ.

Rio has had multiple nomination­s in new categories already this year in 2024 and the voting for AV’s Best is still a week away. Rio Latin Bistro’s popularity is currently at an all time high in the AV. Over the past year, Rio Latin Bistro’s owner has offered a FREE $10 Gift Certificat­e in this Newspaper in the Best Bites section. Such a generous offer has invited many new guests to visit the Restaurant. The Restaurant’s customer service goes above and beyond to provide an exceptiona­l experience for it’s customers. They work as a team and you can feel the positive vibe while you eat at Rio Latin Bistro.

Rio Latin Bistro is home of that world - famous Cuban Sandwich that everyone in the Antelope Valley is talking about. If you have ever experience­d the tasty, juicy meat at Rio Latin Bistro than you understand why this Restaurant is so special.

Rio Latin Bistro is a “popular” and “trendy” Restaurant that takes it’s customer service and the taste of the food that they serve very seriously.

Rio Latin Bistro welcomes your votes for Overall Best Restaurant in the Antelope Valley for AV’s Best 2024 and all of the other Categories that they have been nominated into this year.

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