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Thriving off victimhood


Ive been accused of being a racist by Democratic socialists who thrive off victimhood. Since these socialists know nothing about me, I decided to write a little bit about myself.

Memories come rushing back of the Tolerance Club I started at Highland High School in 1992 before tolerance became politicall­y popular. I remember the first time I showed the club the movie “Glory” in early 1994 about the 54th Mass. regiment, who fought bravely in America’s civil war. It motivated great student interest.

The Tolerance Club was just an improvised history class on the history of hate in the Americas from 1492 on the Island of Quisqueya to our present time. History proves every race is guilty in one form or another. Take the history of Americas Black fighting men which is not taught or part of American history.

So to fill the gap I introduced the class about the first Kansas all-Black volunteer infantry regiment, 10th Cav. regiment Buffalo soldiers, Harlem Hell Fighters, the Tuskegee Airmen, 761st Tank Battalion plus the millions of Black Americans who served in of all branches of our US armed forces, to include those Black soldiers who served in Korea, Vietnam, Granada and Desert

Storm with great distinctio­n. Let us not forget those 3 Black soldiers recently killed in a drone attack by an Iranian-backed terrorist.

The Tolerance Club had the distinct pleasure to meet many Tuskegee Airmen at Highlands — “A day with the Tuskegee Airmen,” held on May 7, 1998. I even met Celeste King, who I remembered as a kid growing up while living in South Central LA during the 1960s. We also talked about the hate and unfair treatment these soldiers faced once they returned after serving.

Sadly, many minorities today fail to recognize and appreciate that, regardless of the past terrible treatment these soldiers faced, they still proved their love honor and loyalty to America. Many minorities today choose to live the victimhood life style with no vision for a better future while ignoring the sacrifices and the contributi­ons made. Unfortunat­ely, there are active radical Black organizati­ons who only focus and thrive on victimhood.

They say there’s nothing like knowing your history, for it gives one direction of where you’re going. Miguel Rios


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