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Conservati­ves don’t need facts


Recently, Mr. Miguel Rios wrote: “Many Blacks still live in the past by blaming whites for today’s Black problems. Playing the repeated race card is proof and the reason why playing victimhood is alive and well today.”

Dr. Beard-Williams Brown responded: “His pontificat­ing about what Black folks do wrong while simultaneo­usly displaying a lack of scholarly research, rich life experience­s and common sense to evaluate a journey he has never lived, studied or authored even a memo about the Black experience worthy of scholarly review…”

Mr. Rios’ letters are similar with other conservati­ve writers. They fail to provide research and issue their opinion as if it is fact. I recall Mr. Gardner’s letter about this subject: “I think it should be remembered, the opinion section of this newspaper is just that, a place for writers to express their opinions. Not every letter will be backed up by thorough research, because it’s the writer’s opinion for Pete’s sake.”

The editors who I wrote to in the past did not like this at all. Mr. Gardner criticizes letter writers who provide facts: “The Democrat obsession with constantly slamming Mr. (Donald) Trump is a waste of ink and paper. Some letters are better than others and that’s OK. But to constantly harp on the same thing is boring to most readers.”

Since I am an accountant who prepares tax returns, I wrote about Trump committing tax fraud. However, Gardner does not say that Trump is wrong and feels the Democrats should shut up and stop criticizin­g Trump; then a lot of the readers would enjoy the letters section.

Mr. Rios previously stated that he faced racism from Blacks when he was younger. However, Mr. Rios has never written about experience­s with being discrimina­ted against by white people. If he did, he would write like this: “Although I did face racism, I never used it to play the race card to make me look like a victim. A true discussion of racism can never take place because Vincent always plays the race card.” Never mind that I previously wrote that the EEOC agreed with me that the company’s hiring decisions created a barrier to prevent me from competing for the job.

You see, Dr. Williams-Brown? Conservati­ve writers don’t need to write a factual letter. After all, it is the Opinion section, right? Don’t be surprised if Mr. Rios writes another letter without factual content.

Vincent White


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