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Two years have passed since Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) cap­tured Solomon Lane (Shaun Har­ris). Af­ter mak­ing the choice to save his team over com­plet­ing an as­sign­ment to re­cover stolen plu­to­nium, he al­lows nu­clear weapons to fall into the hands of Lane’s now re­or­ga­nized and res­o­lute ter­ror­ist group. Forced into a new col­lab­o­ra­tion with a hard­ened CIA agent (Henry Cav­ill), Hunt and his team face a new race against time to save the world from the threat of nu­clear fall­out.


1. Solomon Lane (Shaun Har­ris) is the first an­tag­o­nist in the fran­chise to fea­ture in two films.

2. Tom Cruise trained for an en­tire year to per­form one of the many stand­out stunts in the movie – the HALO (High Alti­tude Low Open­ing) jump.

3. One fight scene be­came so com­plex that it was shot over four weeks – not the four days it was ini­tially sched­uled for.

4. Pro­duc­tion was halted for some time af­ter Cruise broke his an­kle while per­form­ing a stunt.

5. This was the first Mis­sion Im­pos­si­ble movie to be re­leased in 3D.

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