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D-I women to use NET


The women’s basketball committee will start using the NCAA Evaluation Tool instead of RPI to help evaluate teams for the tournament starting with the upcoming season. The Division I men’s basketball committee has been using NET since the 2018-19 season. “It’s an exciting time for the game as we look to the future,” said Nina King, who will chair the Division I Women’s Basketball Committee next season. “We felt after much analysis that the women’s basketball NET, which will be determined by who you played, where you played, how efficientl­y you played and the result of the game, is a more accurate tool and should be used by the committee going forward.” The women’s basketball NET algorithm is similar to the one the men use, although it doesn’t take scoring margin into account. The men’s algorithm factors in scoring margin with a maximize of 10-point difference. The men’s committee is meeting later this week and may make a few tweaks to their formula. The women’s version is based on their data from the past decade. “While the men’s and women’s basketball NET share high-level goals and individual components, the NET algorithm used in each is different,” said Lynn Holzman, NCAA vice president of women’s basketball. “The machine learning model developed for each sport utilizes only that sport’s data.”

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