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100 YEARS AGO April 12, 1921

CAMDEN — Two young men arrested here this afternoon are believed to have robbed the Bank of Ouachita at Ouachita, 19 miles north of here, at 10 o’clock this morning. The robbers locked W. D. Knight, the cashier, in the vault and escaped with $520 in currency. The cashier was alone in the bank when the robbers entered, but a negro was standing just outside, and he was forced to enter the bank and was guarded to prevent his giving the alarm. Only one of the men was masked.

50 YEARS AGO April 12, 1971

■ Three major projects at the Little Rock Zoo — the monkey island, the chimp island, and the exotic bird house — are expected to be finished by June 30, Julius Breckling, director of the Parks and Recreation Department, said Friday. Each project is being paid half with a grant from the federal Bureau of Outdoor Recreation and half local funds. Breckling said that the federal deadline on completing the projects was June 30, 1972. “We’ll beat that deadline by about a year, but we won’t quite make our own deadline of May 1,” he said. He said the May 1 deadline had been set to make the facilities available to the public as early as possible.

25 YEARS AGO April 12, 1996

■ Adult education teachers and middle-level administra­tors in the Little Rock School District will do some office shuffling this summer, thanks to school board decisions Thursday to close one district building and discontinu­e the lease on another. The board voted to move the adult education program from the old Eastside High School building at 16th and Scott streets to the former Oakhurst Elementary School at 4800 W. 26th St. The move will essentiall­y close Eastside, a once-majestic school that the district has been trying to sell for more than a decade. The board also voted to move the district’s Instructio­nal Resource Center out of leased space at Sixth and Ringo streets to vacant Ish Elementary at 3001 S. Pulaski St.

10 YEARS AGO April 12, 2011

FORT SMITH — Two downtown buildings, one housing a restaurant, were gutted by fire early Monday. No one was injured in the fire that destroyed the Boom-arang Diner at 915 Garrison Ave., according to Fort Smith Fire Department Battalion Chief Skip Mathews. The owner of both buildings, Sam Grimm, said the building adjoining the restaurant was vacant and contained personal property. She said she rented space to the owners of the restaurant.

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