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Biden picks Trump critics for agency


WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden on Monday nominated two critics of Trump administra­tion immigratio­n policies for key roles at the Department of Homeland Security.

Biden named Tucson, Ariz., Police Chief Chris Magnus to be commission­er of Customs and Border Protection. Immigratio­n policy expert Ur Mendoza Jaddou has been nominated to be director of Citizenshi­p and Immigratio­n Services.

The nomination­s come as the Biden administra­tion faces a rising number of people attempting to enter the country along the Southwest border.

Magnus publicly challenged the Trump administra­tion’s efforts to punish cities that refused to cooperate with tougher immigratio­n enforcemen­t policies, arguing that it damaged relations between law enforcemen­t and migrant communitie­s.

Jaddou most recently was director of DHS Watch, which was broadly critical of the Trump administra­tion’s efforts to curtail both legal and illegal immigratio­n.

Both positions require Senate confirmati­on and were run by acting leaders under former President Donald Trump, repeatedly drawing criticism from Congress.

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