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Also part of Arkansas


South Arkansas is a part of Arkansas, all the way to the Louisiana border. A lot of folks live down here south of Pine Bluff, south of Sheridan, south of Arkadelphi­a. However, it appears that the Little Rock television stations are not really aware of this, especially when there is severe weather.

We can be having some nasty weather down here and we might get on a scroll across the bottom of the screen or a little map in the corner, a mention. Sometimes all we get is a mention of “there is some severe weather down to the south.” No details, not much descriptio­n or forecastin­g. Heck, even Fayettevil­le and northwest Arkansas get a mention of severe weather and they don’t even get the Little Rock stations. When the storms move over toward Monticello it seems the coverage gets a bit better, but that doesn’t help those of us in south or southwest Arkansas.

There is more to Arkansas than central Arkansas. Please keep in mind, Little Rock television stations, there a lot of people down here. We are also part of Arkansas.



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