Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

It’s voter suppressio­n


For those who want to call Georgia’s voter law an integrity law, was there integrity in: reducing polling places in high population areas; not only reducing the number of drop boxes but not making them available 24/7 as in the past; restrictin­g absentee ballots, which cannot be mailed to registered voters without applicatio­n as in past elections; making it more difficult to extend hours to accommodat­e all voters if election machines break down; essentiall­y banning mobile voting centers; removing the Georgia secretary of state as chair and voting member of the election board; or empowering the Georgia legislatur­e to suspend county election officials?

All this to solve a problem that does not exist plus punish a secretary of state who refused Trump’s insistence on vote tampering. By the way, Trump is under investigat­ion for this very thing.



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